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  Used for Canine: I put this on my dog's food every day and he doesn't mind the taste at all. His coat looks amazing and people always comment on how beautiful he is. Not only does he look good I know he is healthy and will remain so with the immune support provided in every daily teaspoon. 
  I began using this product only three weeks ago and am already seeing a difference in my horse's mane and coat. I cannot wait until the Winter coat sheds out and the new Spring hair comes in!

Pye Flaxen Performance


Flexing Her Flaxen

I have had my mare seen by an equine massage therapist on multiple occasions since purchasing her because I've been fighting overall muscle soreness in the back and shoulders.  I was also concerned about the condition of her coat.  After being turned on to the importance of Omega Fats in the diet and the importance of the balance of 3, 6 and 9, I found Flaxen Performance. 

Since late Feb 15, she's been getting an ounce daily top-dressed on her feed.  Not only do pictures say a thousand words, so do the results of our races.  She's running harder and recovering quicker. Her last visit with Rhonda Martin, my equine massage therapist, went great. She was not nearly as sore as she has been in the past. Her coat is beautiful and I am continually told how amazing my mare looks.  She has a "bloom" to her.  For a flea-bitten gray, she even has a dapple to her!  For the value, cost, and results, this is the best supplement I can give her. 

This past weekend, much to my surprise, we were 4th in the 1-D at a race with 106 entries.  This is after running consistently in the 3-D at the end of the Season last year and early Season this year.  I think the feed and maintenance plan is working. 

Update, 6/21/15
2D Champion, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Big J Barrel Blast

I recommend this product every chance I get!

Kate Szukelewicz
Master Bugs Beduina "Pye"
Barrel Racing


Dually- Flaxen Performance Spokeshorse


"I started using Flaxen in the spring to help my horses shed out for the summer. Not only are their coats shiny and healthy, their overall health has improved.

My 20 year old (bottom photo), Euchee, now feels like he did when he was young! His joints are no longer stiff, after trying many other joint supplements.

My colt, Dually, ( top photo) is able to keep up and perform with finished horses. He eats well on the road and at home and has maintained a healthy weight. Plus... It smells great!"

Raechel Lukowski
Euchee and Dually, Barrel Racing

Tequila Flaxen Performance Testimonial

Tequila, top half of photo- day 1 of Flaxen Performance, bottom half of photo, 30 days later. 2nd photo, 6 weeks of Flaxen Performance and Forco pellets.

Betsy Frazier is just one satisfied customer that is glad her horse is "Flexing his Flaxen" and Forco products.

Betsy Frazier
Frenchmans Flit Bar
Barrel Racing

Koda, Barrel Horse, Flaxen Performance user

"After 8 weeks on Flaxen Performance I have seen major change in my 11 year old barrel horse, Koda. He is softer and shinier than he has ever been before, and has finally filled out in his problem areas, namely behind his withers and his hind end. Along with the physical changes, his work ethic under saddle has changed as well. Koda has kicked that 'barrel horse mentality', he is quieter, and more focused. With that he has become easier to ride and more responsive. Overall, I am proud to say that Koda is "Flexing his Flaxen"."

Melanie White
Koda, Barrel Horse






























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